i do remember even now
every bit of my beloved you—
i treasure beyond accounting
these vibrant memories of you
and of blissfully entangled us

and as i breathing indulge
my evocative thoughts of you
i taunted feel again so keenly
this lustful longing to hold you
touch you, taste you again

and were these much arid lands
that indifferent envelope us now
transformed into the green
and misty valleys of ancient alba
i would to you a shrine erect

and there by love instructed
among the unpainted stones
over dew drenched grass and
the untamed vines that cling
to the altar of my love for you—

there I would worship you
with my hopeful urging voice
my tightly trembling lips
my eagerly exploring hands
my thrusting engorgèd cock

with every touch and tone of me
in perfectly pagan rhythms
quite deliciously designed
i would you wholly adore—
my most sensual and sacred love

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a heavy silence
had stilled the beating
of this expectent heart

and ponderous steps
once descended resignedly
along a hardened path

thoughts of love
under malicious duress
had pointless failed

while a winter sun
pretended indifference
over sullen earth

but then

a timid gentle voice
sang sweetly softened
a most honest song

and eager hands
caressed this aging flesh
with passionate intent

and all at once
ascend determined words
of a buoyant soul

hopeful once more
evoking a winsome muse
benevolent and oh most eager

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the third rock that i threw
frightened me most of all
the vehemence of it
the jagged waves rippling out
and in like fangs bared

and when the water grew still
on bended knee i peered within
and saw a sullen dwarf
babbling about babies and trees
with a lisp that tore my soul

i wept at the sight and sound
of my self so poorly patterned
that i could wander naked
through each day unseen, unheard
amusing to a fault

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breathe, i sighed
and exhaling fitful
cry while pensive lines
define impermanent pleading me

breathe, i sighed
breathe and wholly be
becoming more than seems
more than she may gleaning need

breathe, i sighed
and thus inspired strive
with such timid quiet words
to ever deserve most hopeful she

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a moment

there was a moment
i am quite sure
before the sun rose
over the mountains
caressing calm the waters below
but i cannot seem
to recall it now

i remember staring
with utter contentment
at the suggestive shadows
of her softly sensual lines
teasing my hands
to recall the warmth
of her skin

i breathed and smiled
unseen and closed my eyes
for just a moment
yet when i opened them again
the sun was stretching eager
and brazen across the gently rising
and falling of her breasts

and i at once
quite jealous and needful
and so deftly determined
did drive the hungry light
of this most presumptuous
sun swiftly away
with my trembling lips

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her body, i avow, is a cathedral
of most natural persuasion
adorned by the mother of us all,
and i am her most persistent
and passionate worshipper

as i gaze upon her slumbering form
my eyes describe her pulsing veins
like crimson vines imparting life
beneath her ever lustrous skin
glowing sensually under the sun

my ardor invokes her avid lines,
her curves, her quickly reddening hues
her deeply sky-born shadows
shimmering with reflective heaven
high above her careful spine

prayerful as needs, i breathing touch
her naked flesh tempting, teasing
rivers running pooling, parting her soil
i insistent kneel in this valley
drawing her forth, wet and glistening

my hands urge her fertile warmth
my fingers tracing the hardened mound
of her most hidden, sacred love
adored by this prostate zealot
who murmurs moaning verses

over the scent of lilac
and sesame

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there is this me who
too keenly sees the
distinctive moments
between my yesterdays
and our finest todays

you have seen him too
heard his doubtful cries
the whying whines
evoking a consistency of
hopeless demeanings

and yet only you have seen
more, beyond this deeming
this perilous seeming
perceiving a me more duly
more truly conceived

and in your believing am I
not so richly adorned
nor indeed a prince of men
but me—just me as I am
with all my faults and fears

yet still desired by you and so
somehow worthy of your heart
am I more perfectly me
in being loved by you I become
the man I truly wish to be

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